• AmorWing Multilayer Tibetan Tiger Eye,Obsidian Mala Bead Prayer Wrap Bracelet

    $26.99 $26.99

    • Material:Natural Tiger Eye,Black Obsidian;Guru Nepal Bead
    • Elastic string,comfortable waring
    • Unisex,5 times for small wrist and 4 times for big wrist
    • Healing self-worth,Opening creative energies,Balance Bracelet
    • Comes with beautiful gift box

    This luminous mala bead is made from tiger eye and black obsidian beadd.It is a highly protective and grounding stone. Tiger Eye can heal issues with self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creative energy, It can also be used to balance Yin and Yang energies.It assists in accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources and promoting clarity of intention.Obsidian can give us insights into what would be necessary to make change. It impels us to grow while still lending support. It can shield you from affecting by malignant energies and also help keep your thoughts positive.