• AmorWing Unisex 7 Chakra Healing Mala Gemstone Bracelet

    $39.00 $24.99
    • Matted Onyx,7 Different Gemstone: Red Tiger Eye,Orange Agate,Tiger Eye,Ruby Zoisite,Lapis lazuli,Turquoise,Amethyst
    • 10mm Bead; For 6.5"-7" wrist
    • Design to bring more Protective, joy, peace, success, and harmony into your life
    • Handmade item;Great Spiritual Meditation

    This bracelet has 7 gemstone beads in colors of Chakras. It is a powerful protection against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional stresses, making it a wonderful gemstone to wear.

    7 Charkra There are seven energy centers in the body that are known as the chakras. They are located along the spine and each has specific associations. Ultimately, to be a balanced and healthy person in mind, body, and spirit, all of the seven chakras should be open and in balance with each other and allowing energy to pass through them freely. 

    When the seven chakras are in balance, life feels good and all is as it should be. This small introduction to the seven chakras is just the start to that journey. 

    All jewelry are package in beautiful gift box as a gift ready.This bracelet is a great meditation bracelet and also a perfect accessory to your outfit.We select only the best gemstone bead for a perfect bracelet.