• AmorWing Unisex Gemstone 108 Black Obsidian Gemstone Cross Bead Necklace

    $69.00 $32.99

    Material: Black Obsidian

    Size: 108 pcs Black Obsidian, each Bead diameter is 6mm. Pendant size: 2" * 1.35" (5cm * 3.5cm); 26" length beaded chain

    Chain Type: inelastic nylon string

    Occasion: All, especially for counting mantras, prayers, meditations or expressing personal beliefs and style

    Comes with beautiful gift box; Convenient that you don’t have to wrap it before giving to your beloved.

    Rest assured that you receive the highest quality product; Buy absolutely no risk.



    A Tibetan Buddhist 108 beads mala is a string of 108 beads. It is a tool used to keep your mind on the meditation practice. This Buddhist prayer beads are best for: Love and Purity of Heart.

    Obsidian can give us insights into what would be necessary to make change. It impels us to grow while still lending support. It can shield you from affecting by malignant energies and also help keep your thoughts positive.